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Bluebirds Painting by Andreea Dumez
Crow in flight - spiritual art - painting

“Morning Glory” Fine Art Prints 
From $34

Chipping Sparrows bird art print for birders and passionate bird watchers.

“Chipping Sparrows” Fine Art Prints
From $15

Set of 3 herons art prints

Set of 3 Heron Art Prints
From $73

Pair of Cardinals on a Magnolia Branch

“A Pair of Cardinals” Fine Art Prints
From $34

A world of meaningful colors and brushstrokes

Andreea Dumez creates art that tells a story of grace and freedom, a spiritual exploration of her inner yearning to go beyond limiting beliefs and the comfort zone of a beaten path. With a passion for refined colors and select subjects from nature belonging to the realms of sky and sea, Andreea’s paintings exude a sense of wonder and self-reflection. Celebrating the liberty, innocence and allure of birds, her artworks invite us to connect with the metaphysical essence of the natural world. They remind us to embrace the beauty of the present moment, with its boundless possibilities. Owning an artwork by Andreea Dumez is not merely bringing home a beautiful work of art, it’s embracing a piece of serenity, a catalyst for introspection, and a testament to the limitless power of art to transcend mental boundaries and elevate the soul.

Discover the story behind Andreea’s art. 

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