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  Welcome to my artful zone! I’m Andreea, your wall art & home decor ally. 

  I create colorful, thought-provoking art for young urban dwellers who want to instill bold and inspiring accents into their homes.

  I make surreal art that speaks about nature, climate change and the relation between us and our environment.

  I also love anything about prints, patterns and colors. That is why a lot of my artworks contain repeat patterns as accents. Decorative patterns are a big part of my home decor & lifestyle collections.  Find out more about me here.


Climate Change Art as a Statement in Your Home Decor

This art project is focusing on a global issue that is urgent, yet we are terribly out of tune with it.
Climate change is affecting us and the nature around us in unforeseen ways. My art project hints at pressing climate issues and is intended to raise awareness and deliver a subtle, yet powerful message to the viewer. A message that can be displayed in our homes as a reminder and an inspiration: protect our Planet. 

  A lot of my surrealist paintings are created with a dominant blue color palette. Blue is a soothing, dream-inducing color. I wrote a bit more about the hidden psychology of blue in THIS article. If you’re into decorating your home with blue hues, grab this FREE chart with colors that go with BLUE. 



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