Many people believe that art depicting the natural world is passé, but… 

Nature-inspired art
can shape our values and eco-awareness,
JUST by displaying it in our homes.

Toucanet bird painting by Andreea Dumez

I take a different approach to nature art and environment subjects.
I invite you to reflect on the delicate beauty that dwells around you, and strive to protect and revive it.
For every artwork purchase, I donate a portion of the proceeds toward local and international charity organizations focused on wildlife conservation and reforestation.

Discover eclectic art that moves you and enliven your space with:

Hummingbird in flight - painting by Andreea Dumez

Whimsical Nature Art

From deep-sea creatures to sky-thriving birds, surround yourself with artistic prints celebrating the beautiful natural world.

Drawing of a Koala Hugging Earth

Climate-awareness Art

Sprinkle your space with art that provokes dialogue and inspires action. Your children and future generations will thank you.

Floral Pattern With Birds and Peonies

Organic Patterns & Colors

Learn how colors influence your mood and how to accent your home through cheerful patterns inspired by nature.

Whimsical Nature Art 

They say any nature-related subjects in art have become archaic, outdated. I’ll contradict them with my story. 


I grew up in a grey and dusty communist neighborhood of Bucharest, Romania. (Imagine an aerial view of tall 10-story identical grey buildings, boxed in endless rows, separated by asphalt streets and anemic patches of green space. Quite an inspiration for a future artist, eh?) 


Nevertheless, inside our home, my parents enjoyed having a tasteful collection of framed artworks depicting subjects from nature: landscapes, still life paintings, portraits, as well as a considerable amount of art albums with reproductions from famous museums around the world. My mom loved colorful decor and chic accents and I think it was also a self-defense strategy against the grayness of the outdoors. 


Also, every summer, my whole family would embark on a month-long stay in a remote cabin in the mountains of Transylvania (no Dracula stories, sorry!). There, instead of hiking trips just for the fun of it, we would set ourselves practical goals: “Today we’re going mushroom picking”. “Tomorrow is the raspberry day. Then the blueberry day. The exploration day”. And so on. 


When it was bedtime, I would close my eyes and have flash-images from my earlier glorious endeavors: patches of chanterelles, clusters of blueberries… Vivid and colorful experiences on my retina. I still think it’s crazy that my brain could do that, but it pretty much sums up how “into it” I was. 


Did that ever happen to you, to close your eyes and vividly see stuff that crossed your way during the day?


In my mid-school years, I started bringing my brushes and tubes of oil paint and I was studying the landscape, the local people and wildlife. I lived, felt and painted what nature was teaching me. 


So, yes, fast forward to present time, I’m an artist who appreciates wildlife conservation and the beauty of nature. Care to guess why?


  • Nature-inspired art is NOT archaic and dated.
  • It’s ancestral and primordial. 
  • You are shaped by what you surround yourself with, NO MATTER how many gray concrete walls they might build around you.


 So, if you’d like to connect yourself and your kids to nature and the primeval vibes, then surround your crib with all things nature. 


It’s still chic, I promise you. 


  See my nature-inspired collection and meet my 30-day endangered species challenge:

Climate-awareness Art

My climate themed creations are intended to inspire us to respect and protect the unique biodiversity of our planet. 


Growing up in a polluted big city was a big reason to find refuge in nature. Another reason was the gradual increase in temperatures. Year after year, I experienced longer and hotter summers. And although I don’t live there anymore (and I wish summers in New Hampshire were a bit longer, duh!), I keep reading news about the desertification of certain parts of Romania. 


Living on the coast, I can also see the effects of rising ocean levels. Although I absolutely love where I live right now and I feel blessed to be able to be inspired by such abundance of nature around me, I try not to take it for granted. There might be a time when the ocean will claim this land… 


  • In these times of struggle, when climate change is impacting so much of our planet, I especially find it vital that we give voice to the art that raises awareness about global warming. 
  • This kind of art is not another out of fashion trend. It’s not yesterday’s news. 
  • It’s today’s reality.


Find my climate change collection of art prints and accessories here:

Organic Patterns and Colors

Patterns are all around us. You just have to look and discover them. Repeating leaves on a branch, the vertical lines of a fence, the spots on a ladybug. 

Your home is a reflection of your life, interests and tastes. It’s uniquely yours. 

My nature-inspired designs and decorative patterns, whether botanical or fanciful animal subjects, will bring in a pop of color, tie the room together and create fantastic accents to match your desired ambiance. Make your living space the way you want. 

I might sound repetitive (pun unintended), but having lived in a home where art, pattern and color were on display, I was instilled early on with a sense of aesthetic that followed me across the years. 

It makes me smile to know that my art will pass the torch to inspire and educate many other souls into a more beautiful world. 

This is how we transform ourselves and learn to appreciate art and nature. By growing next to it. 

Check out my pattern inspirations:

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