Three cute masks for Halloween, Oktoberfest and autumn, with festive pumpkins, a spooky cat and a cute squirrel, surrounded by gourds and oak leaves.

Discover 30 Inspiring Autumn Face Mask Covers to Match Your Chic Fall Outfits

  Never in a million years did I think I would be designing autumn face masks for an out of whack year. Yet here we are, enjoying a colorful and abundant harvest season while trying to protect ourselves from a pandemic by wearing face cloth masks.

  Here’s to the beautiful foliage of the fall season, together with the golden harvest of gourds and pumpkins, displayed in my rich autumn colors and prints! I’m really excited to show off my collection of fall designs ready to be worn on face coverings.

  The season of crops, harvests and spooky creatures of Halloween is coming upon us, while the COVID-19 is still around. So we’d better make good use of our stylish choices for face masks, integrating the beauties of nature into our new pandemic life.

  We are made to express ourselves and my fall themed artistic face masks were created with the purpose of showing your artsy side while staying in trend with the season.

  Here you’ll find unique face coverings designed by me and printed on demand by Redbubble, Society6 or Zazzle.

  ***Art can help you show your inner self, even if your face is covered


 This page contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may be compensated for purchases made through some of the links in this page.
 It might help me buy a new brush once in a year.


***Disclaimer: These are NOT surgical grade masks. They are rather intended for general, everyday use while out in public when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. The masks should not be used (1) in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; (2) in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high; or (3) in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas. I make no warranties, either express or implied, that these masks prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. Find more information about coronavirus from CDC.
I create the colorful patterns and artwork to be printed on the masks. I partnered with print-on-demand companies (Society6, Zazzle, Redbubble), who will print my designs and ship them directly to you. 


Below, here are my fall and Halloween printed cloth face masks


  • The first 20 masks are from Redbubble. They are lightweight, stretchy and they come in several sizes for adults and kids. These printed face masks are created with two layers of soft 95% polyester / 5% spandex fabric with sublimation print on the outside layer.


  • You’ll also find 7 autumn masks designs printed from Society6 that are sewn from poly fabric in the classic pleated mask style, with a pocket for filters.


  • The last 3 styles are sold in my Zazzle store and they are made from poly microfiber, also in the pleated style.


Make sure to scroll down to my last part of this post, where I REVIEW THESE MASKS AND COMPARE THEIR QUALITY, plus I reveal my experience with the shipping times of these 3 companies. 

Harvest of the golden Season - Halloween Pumpkin Masks for adults and children

Harvest of the Golden Season - Halloween Pumpkins Mask

When pumpkins meet gold leaf and the ripe season is here, you get a fantastic mix of colors that remind you of the warm sun of autumn and the yellow gold of the crops.

I envisioned this pumpkin face mask print as a daily wear design for the warm weeks of September, all the way into the Oktoberfest days and well into Thanksgiving as well.

This BESTSELLER design for fall cloth face masks is available in my Redbubble store.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Pumpkin Halloween Cloth Face Masks on white background - for adults and children

Pumpkin Harvest Season - White Theme Face Mask

The same great design as the previous one, with pumpkins and gold-like leaves, but this time on a white background.

Fun to wear in the fall, looking great in combination with cream or white outfits during the warm days. I also added this print on Society6 hoodies and they are a must during the colder fall season days.

Available on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Spooky white Halloween cat with bats reflecting in its eyes printed on face masks

Halloween Spooky White Cat Watching a Bat

This cat is freaked by the sight of a bat! It’s that time of the year, when spooky creatures come out in the night and haunt your nightmares!

A black and white Halloween themed face mask featuring a white cat with a funny, yet spooked face is a must-have for the season. Kids will especially love this.

This Halloween themed cloth face mask is available on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

FALL FEST PATTERN - squirrels, autumn leaves and pumpkins Cloth Face Mask

Fall Fest Pattern - Squirrels, Chipmunks, Leaves and Pumpkins

A colorful festive decorative pattern for Thanksgiving, or any fall party, like Oktoberfest. Enjoy autumn in beautiful colors!

This beauty also looks amazing on the ultra soft leggings from Redbubble.

Check it out on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Funny cats and autumn flowers pattern on adult and children's face coverings

It's a Cats World! - Cute Feline Themed Autumn Face Mask

Here are a bunch of cats clinging on to autumn flowers and leaves. This pattern will cheer you up and refresh your day. The gray backdrop makes it easy to match with your other decor or outfits.

Face mask available on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

A stork flying over a bright moon - autumn foliage theme face cloth masks for adults and children

Eerie Moonlight Stork - Halloween Face Cloth Cover

An eerie night landscape with a stork flying over the autumn moon. This is an artwork that I am proud to display on a lot of popular products, including canvas art and lots of other affordable home decor. But it also looks amazing when printed on face masks and it has been one of my best sellers.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

An autumn decor with chic layers of foliage patterns, fall inspired colors and gilded accents. on adult and children's face masks

Autumn Jewels Fancy Mask

An autumn decor with chic layers of foliage patterns, fall inspired colors and gilded accents. This sophisticated pattern collects together all the chic fall patterns in my collection, with rich autumn colors and prints, for a fancy, fashionable mask.

These autumn inspired face mask are available on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Autumn gourds, pumpkins, fall leaves and a cute squirrel - face mask

Autumn Gourds and Squirrel - Face Covering

A cute autumn print with gourds, rusty leaves and a squirrel. Accent your style with fall themed ideas.

Check this autumn face mask on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Oak Fall Leaves and foliage pattern on pink background - adult and children cloth face masks

Fall Leaves on Pink Mask

Fall is the most colorful season. Enjoy a beautiful artistic foliage pattern to adorn your personal style. I was inspired by the forest floor foliage and the autumn colors.

Check it out on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Red Oak Autumn leaves pattern over pink background - face masks for adults and children

Forest Floor Autumn Leaves - Red and Pink Themed Face Mask

In the same style as the previous design, this pattern features a denser display of gold, red, brown and yellow oak leaves.

Available on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Simple autumn oak red leaves pattern on white background face masks

Simple Autumn Leaves - Fall Season Decor

This simple, yet artistic foliage pattern was created by painting each individual leaf in watercolor and arranging the elements in a repeat design, ready to adorn your outfits.

Colorful yet balanced, this is one of my most simple, yet really attractive fall designs for the coronavirus face masks that I have for sale.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Golden autumn leaf pattern face mask for adults and children

Golden Autumn Leaves - Fall Pattern

A fall themed leaf pattern with red leaves and gold foil imitation leaf decor.

Find it on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Rusty autumn leaves and art deco patterns face masks

Art Nouveau Style Foliage and Flourishes Face Cloth

Here’s a decorative leaf pattern inspired by a pile of leaves in the back of my yard. I used intricate and sinuous lines, intertwined with fall leaves, on a Sienna brown background.

If you’re a chic yet bold girl that wants a very feminine accent in your outfits, check out my Autumn Fairy Fashion Illustration art print on this decidedly fall season garment. Discover how I dressed up my fairy girl in the same pattern as this mask.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Halloween pumpkins and gourds patterned face masks for adults and children

Halloween Pumpkins and Gourds - Black Palette Face Cloth

A simple decorative pattern with orange pumpkins and white gourds, on a black backdrop. This has been a one of my favorite designs because it is playful, with contrasting bold colors and it just looks beautiful on a printed face covering.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Autumn pumpkins and gold leaf foliage pattern over cloth face masks

Autumn and Halloween Pumpkins and Gold Leaf Decorative Masks

Celebrate the abundance of autumn crops and beautiful fall foliage with an elegant pumpkin pattern that will adorn your face during the Halloween and Thanksgiving season.

If you want to be matchy-matchy with your outfits, find these leggings from Redbubble, or these printed shirts.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Halloween pumpkins and gourds pattern over a dark teal face mask cloth

Pumpkins and Gourds on a Dark Teal Backdrop

Discover a beautiful, simple decorative pattern for this fall season. Autumn squashes and pumpkins are a must-have for the fall accessory trend.

Available on Redbubble. 

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Abstract oak leaf with Halloween pumpkin patterns on cloth face mask

Abstract Halloween Leaf - Decorative COVID Face Mask

This simple oak leaf carries the memory of the autumn: pumpkins, rusty colors, all the decorative beautiful things of the season. Abstract decor for your soul!

Personalize your cloth face mask with rich colors that will complement your fall wardrobe.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Abstract oak leaf Halloween face covering with autumn colors

Abstract Oak Leaf - Fall Cloth Face Mask

Here’s to an explosion of colors: autumn colors! An abstract colorful ode to the harvest season. Pumpkins and leaves, blending and dancing to the rhythms of fall.

This luxurious art print will make a chic statement with this fall fashions face mask.

Fall themed face mask available on Redbubble. 

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Abstract concentric autumn leaves on cloth face masks

Abstract Autumn - Decorative Concentric Leaves

These concentric leaves and patterns with a fall themed color palette also have a great counterpart in the awesome hoodies from Society6, that come in really handy in the cold days of late October and November.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Squirrels, chipmunks and foliage face masks

Squirrels, Chipmunks and Foliage Pattern Face Covering

A colorful seasonal pattern with foliage, squirrels and chipmunks. Ready for a new adventure!


Match this mask with cocoa-colored outfits, sienna or beige blouses or scarves.

Autumn mask available on Redbubble.

$12.49 / $9.99 if you buy 4+

Decorative fall pattern with foliage and pumpkins arranged in layers on a cloth face mask

Autumn Jewels - Society6 Pleated Face Mask

An autumn decor with chic layers of foliage patterns, imitating rolling hills. Fall inspired colors and gilded accents. Looks absolutely fantastic on pleated face masks!

Available on Society6. 

Autumn face mask with printed oak leaf

Abstract Autumn Oak Leaf - Society6 Fall Face Mask

Here’s that simple decorative leaf with festive pumpkins, for the fall season. The clean white background makes the leaf really stand out.

Available on Society6.

Decorative art print with bohemian tree with fall leaves and pumpkins printed on face mask

Our Nature - Symbolic Abstract Tree of Life Printed Face Mask

Discover an abstract decorative tree of life, with embedded symbolic seasonal elements of autumn. This is our nature: patient, silent. The nature that surrounds us is patiently waiting, with a watchful eye. If you’re into mindful meditation and are a nature lover that enjoys the fall season, this autumn inspired face mask is a super addition to complement your wardrobe.

Available on Society6.

Abstract oak leaf in autumn printed on cloth face covering

Abstract Oak Leaf with Pumpkins - Society6 Face Mask

A beautiful, colorful abstract leaf with Halloween vibes and a festive decorative style. Pumpkins galore!

This design with green and brown accents, together with rich golds and orange pumpkins is a must-have for Thanksgiving.

Available on Society6.

Face mask printed with decorative nature art with an owl over a bright moon among forest trees

Nightly Owlish Wisdom - Society6 Face Mask

Here’s a Halloween moonlight mask: a night creature is swinging on a tree, the moon is watching beyond. Two owl eyes are watching you! Who doesn’t love owls?

This artistic face mask is available on Society6.

Cloth face covering with fall pumpkins prints over a rusty brown background

Rusty Brown Autumn and the Pumpkin Harvest

And here’s to an elegant display of pumpkins and gold leaves. When autumn comes, all the foliage colors explode in an infinite array of nuances.

This pumpkin print face mask is available on Society6.

Cloth face mask with autumn landscape print featuring a stork flying above fall foliage

Autumn Dream - a Fall Fashion Artistic Face Mask

A foggy dream with a stork over the moon. Colorful rolling hills, falling leaves and roses, gold foil patterns – all in a concert of beauty and harmony. The sky is the limit of imagination for this autumn inspired art print on a fancy fall mask. 

This artistic cloth face mask is available on Society6. 

Fall cloth face mask with autumn foliage prints

Harvest of the Pumpkins and Abstract Fall Leaves - a Zazzle Cloth Face Covering

So here’s a very colorful face covering for the autumn season, with gold, orange and brown fall colors, foliage and pumpkins. The vivid print on this mask will make your presence stand out.

The Zazzle masks, just like the Society6 pleated face coverings, feature a pocket for inserting a filtering material.

A black face covering with vintage autumn pink peonies and pink feathers.

Vintage Pink Peonies and Falling Feathers - Zazzle Face Cover

Enjoy a black face covering featuring beautiful nuances of pink and dusty rose over falling feathers and flowers. This nostalgic pattern design is great for late summer and early autumn wear.

Dark cherry colored fall cloth face mask with llamas, cacti and amaryllis prints

Sweet Llamas with Cacti and Amaryllis Flowers over a Burgundy Red Background

Llama lovers rejoice! The fall season is upon us and llamas have to get their autumn style fashion, too. Enjoy a pop of dark cherry color with desert-inspired elements.

This llama decorated face mask is available on Zazzle. 

Redbubble mask review - looking a a Redbubble mask and seeing both sides, the printed side and the white inside.

My Own Redbubble Face Mask Review:

These face masks are very lightweight and are made of a very stretchy material. They stretch in all directions (see pictures below), they are not pleated and they basically mold over your facial forms. It’s a good mask for warm days as it’s quite comfortable to wear outdoors.

The Rb masks don’t have any inside pocket, so you cannot add an extra filter, but you can add them on top of a medical mask if desired.

I ordered these masks back on May 7, 2020 (at the early stages of the pandemic, when all manufacturers were busy making new masks) and they arrived on June 1st, so about 3 weeks to ship within US. Since then, the shipping times have eased a bit as they caught up with the big waves of orders. The Redbubble masks are printed and shipped from printers in the US and Germany.

Redbubble face mask review - testing how stretchy the mask is
Are Redbubble face masks good- testing how elastic the mask is
Society6 face mask review - looking at the double layers

My Society6 Face Mask Review:

These Society6 face masks (and the Zazzle masks, actually) are made in a different style than the Redbubble face masks. They are pleated face masks that can be pulled and expanded over your face, just like the surgical masks.

The Society6 and Zazzle masks have a two layers: the outside printed layer and the back (white) layer. In between them, there is a space (pocket) to add a filter (see picture).

So, these printed face masks are not stretchy, they rather resemble the surgical masks. The material is more dense than the Redbubble fabric and I wore them well in a cold AC environment. Outdoors, they tend to feel a bit warmer than the aforementioned ones.

My Society6 masks were ordered on August 9 2020 and arrived on Aug 21st, so about 12 days to receive them.

My Zazzle masks shipping time have varied, and I can tell my story and my coworkers’ stories as well. My first order from Zazzle was early in the game, on April 23’rd and I received the masks quite quickly, on May4th. But that fast turnaround time changed radically after a few weeks. As more and more people started pouring in their orders, Zazzle experienced quite a backlog. My coworkers ordered masks from Zazzle that came after more than a month (!). Yes. That was back in May-June. I have not ordered masks from Zazzle recently, but I will test with some new masks and will update this post.

Society6 face mask review - looking at the underlayer
Society6 face mask review - straps are too long and need to be tied
Comparison between redbubble and Society6 face masks

Society6 vs. Redbubble face masks. What’s the difference?

So here I put face-to-face two face masks (pun intended). The top one (light blue) is from Society6 and the bottom one is from Redbubble.

The big differences are the sewing style and the type of fabric: S6 is pleated style polyester fabric, the Rb is a stretchy poly/spandex face cloth. Both prints are vivid and true to the original artwork.

The one thing about the S6 masks that I noticed is they run a bit large (at least for me). They probably fit very well on men, but on my face, I need to adjust the elastic straps. I was worried the knot my rub against the back of my ear, but it does not bother me at all, and I’ve worn it for long hours at work.

Accordingly, I like to wear the Redbubble face mask when going outdoors in a crowded place downtown, because the masks are quite breathable.

On the other hand, I like to wear the Society6 masks at work, because these masks feel cool on the face in a chilly AC environment, even when adding a filter to the mask.

In conclusion, there you have them, feel free to choose your own personalized cloth face mask for the fall season!

For more face mask inspiration, visit this page where I have more designs and collections. 

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