The other day, I was looking to buy a gift for a friend of mine, who happens to be somebody with a more sophisticated taste. As I walked through this long, glitzy mall, desperation was starting to loom over me. A shirt?… Nah… I’ve seen it before. A scarf? Yeah, maybe, but that pattern is so overused. Oh, those shoes! Let’s try them on! Shhtt! I’ll buy them – for myself! 

  (Cheer with me if you’ve gone through this before…)

  Sigh… Next store… and then the next store… Until I got to the end of the corridor, then back again and round and round I went.

  Have you ever gazed at window shops in your mall and thought to yourself: “Everybody has this at home! This is too simple and I’m tired of seeing the same stuff. What kind of gift can I ever buy for someone, that hasn’t been hyper-super-over-done-cliche-wornout?”

  Uniqueness is something of a more artistic source. You can’t find it as easily.

  There are a lot of fancy gifts that you can get at big department stores, but sometimes you just want to see more of the creator’s vibe in them and less of the mass-produced, mainstream stamp.

  I’m more of a picky type of gift-shopper. I like to choose a present that will:

  1. be useful
  2. be unique
  3. match the person it is intended for
  4. and since I’m an artist with an eye for color, it has to be colorful (that’s my signature way of saying: “it’s from me”). And if I can come up with a gift basket, it’s even better. 

  Do you want to find an artsy gift or even a designed and color coordinated gift basket that will impress your family or friends? Have you been looking for a birthday gift, a housewarming party present or a surprise gift for your cat lady neighbor? 

The solution I discovered, after I spent many years looking outside of my “yard”,  was actually right in my studio. A few years ago, I realized that my artwork could be applied (literally, printed) on a lot of useful objects. Nowadays, you can pretty much print anything on any object. You can have whatever suits your imagination, from framed art prints to printed shower curtains, towels, kitchen plates, Christmas decorations and even door knobs!

  So I uploaded my shmancy designs on some rad print on demand and art websites like Society6, Saatchi, Zazzle.

  Maybe you’ve never heard of them; neither had I, to be honest. They are actually a booming industry, with tens of thousand of artists from around the world, putting up their works for sale every day. I guess I’m facing a lot of competition out there (insert rolling eyes here…).

  Here are my latest favorite creations, picked and coordinated (by color and / or by design), so that you can conveniently assemble your own gift baskets. Click on the images below and you’ll find these combos on each website.

  Patterns and florals are making a big comeback, after almost a century of minimalism and flat colors. No more beige and drab tints! Color rules now. Get into the trend and show your friends what’s new out there!

  So here we go: let’s dive into the artsy gift basket suggestions that I put together! Click on any of the images below, and you’ll be directed to my stores.  Avoiding a boring gift has just become a lot more easy!

This page contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may be compensated for purchases made through some of the links in this page.

Click on any image to go to the shop page:



1. Travel-themed gift basket ideas:

Also, find more travel themed items in my extensive Redbubble collection.

2. Cat lovers gifts:

Also, find more gifts for cat people at my purrrrry Redbubble collection. 

3. Horse lovers gifts:


Also, find more gifts for people who love horses at my Redbubble collection. 

4. Gifts for techy people



Visit also my Redbubble collection, for even more options!

5. Gifts for kids



Also, find more kiddo stuff on my Zazzle collection. 

6. Housewarming gifts



Find more options at my Redbubble home collection.

7. Gifts for the kitchen



Also find more gifts for an artsy kitchen, from my Zazzle store. 

Author: Andreea Dumez

Author: Andreea Dumez

Artist in-chief

Andreea Dumez is an illustrator and surface pattern designer, helping people find their inner colors and decor ideas.

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