Colorful throw blankets are the spark in a beautiful room, if you know how to use them. 

 Their colors and texture make the difference between a boring place and a livable space. 

 In this post, you’ll see how I use one throw blanket designed by me as an example for different ways to infuse style, elegance and charm into your home decor. 

 The throw blankets work well together with pillows that have similar patterns and/or hues, creating a sophisticated, livable luxury.

 Here are my 7 easy ways to make your home a gorgeous place to live in: 

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1. Throw a blanket on the sofa and watch it change your room vibe:

The options here are countless: drape it artistically over your sofa, bed or chairs. Mix and match various color schemes and patterns. Make a livable palette out of your home decor. Throw pillows make such a good pair with colorful throw blankets!

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Curious about the pillow? Check it out below:

2. Protect your couch from stains (from kids, pets):

This is my favorite use for the blankets. Dual purpose: aesthetic and functional.

TIP: the more colorful the blanket, the more patterns on it, the easier it is to mask the stains. Even if the stains are tough to remove (oh, that blueberry jelly…), they kind of… blend in. U know what I mean…

3. Use it as a soft carpet for kids to play on (when the rug underneath is not quite soft):


4. Keep it in your favorite corner, where you have your daily routines: on the yoga pillow, in your cozy place where you can curl up with a good book or just relax:



5. The softest baby blanket ever:



6. Over your outdoor chairs (really useful on breezy evenings):



7. In your car: protect your seats from paws and other mishaps. Also an awesome drag-around for kids, when you’re off to a great vacation. 



 There are some techniques to achieve a nicely color-coordinated home. Mixing different prints and patterns on different objects in your home is an art and there are some criteria that need to be followed. This post will give you some great ideas for color coordinated gifts.

PS: Did you know that within 90 seconds of seeing a product in a shop, 60 to 90 percent of people’s assessment is based on the COLOR of the product ALONE?  Think about it. Color is that powerful. The cars we buy, the home decor we put in our new homes, the clothes we wear… There are even realtor-preferred colors, that drive better home sales. My colorful throw blankets with dynamic patterns are thoughtfully made to turn up the glam in your interior decor.

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About Andreea Dumez

About Andreea Dumez

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Hi, I’m Andreea, a painter and surface pattern designer, helping people find their inner colors and decor ideas. I’m also a pharmacist (you couldn’t tell, right? 🙂 ), who truly enjoys giving people the power to know and act on their health choices. In that regard, choosing the colors that surround us is in itself a health choice. I talk more about the psychology of colors and how they influence our daily lives on my blog. Find more about me here.

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