Andreea Dumez Artist Photo

Andreea Dumez is an artist living in Portsmouth, on the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire. As an artist of Romanian origin, she blends her Eastern European introspective creativity with modern, eclectic techniques that liberate her artistic drive.

Her current creative undertakings are bird art and coastal-inspired works that speak about the relationship between us and the infinite freedom of nature. Some of her artworks focus on rare or endangered species, tapping into an ever-present contemporary subject. Inviting this kind of art into our homes nourishes both our self-awareness and eco-awareness, with lasting effects over generations.

Andreea has always been drawn to both the liberal arts and the hard sciences, embracing her passions for painting, literature, algebra, chemistry and geometry. Now, she seamlessly integrates these disciplines, creating artworks where the chemistry of pigments and the interplay of mediums are as crucial as the creative process itself. Additionally, she finds fulfillment in designing repeat patterns for surface decor, inspired by her deep appreciation for geometry and science.

  • Andreea was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, in a family of engineers with a passion for collecting and creating art.
  • She holds a BA in Fine Arts with a specialty in Painting, from the National University of Arts “UNARTE” in Bucharest. Later on she pursued Pharmacy, at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. She considers herself a multidisciplinary character, driven by a desire to inspire and uplift through meaningful creative messages.

Andreea’s artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Romania and the US, including juried shows at UForge Gallery in Boston and Touch Gallery in Cambridge, MA. She has worked on children’s books, she has illustrated poetry books and she is a passionate advocate of combining both traditional media, like acrylics, watercolor or inks, via digital media, through its various contemporary forms.


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