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Hi! I’m Andreea (yes, it’s spelled with 2 E’s)


  I’m an artist (&pharmacist), living on the beautiful seacoast of New Hampshire.
  My hometown is Bucharest, Romania, where I started painting and drawing from a young age. My earliest memories are about having a pencil in my hand. Sometimes, my dancing fairies and heroes would go wandering on the walls of my house or inside my parents’ books.

  • My mother had a special relation with art and artistic crafts. Although she declared herself a non-talented person (especially drawing, where she admitted she had no inclination), she admired and collected beautiful décor and art books whenever she could. Her clothes were always chic and colorful and she liked to knit her own skirts and sweaters, always finding new yarn colors to combine into abstract patterns. People used to stop her on the street and ask her where she got that gorgeous long skirt with such beautiful colors and pretty ruffles on the bottom. 
  • My father, on the other hand, had less interest in colors, but had an innate talent at drawing, especially human figures. Although he had no formal training in art, he was a keen observer when drawing silhouettes and portraits. I have a catalog with some of his drawings and studies from when he was in college (engineering degree, mind you) and I’m still amazed at how well he drew his mother and his brother’s portraits. In fact, they are worthy to be framed as family portraits.

  Therefore, I grew up browsing colorful art pages on a daily basis, being familiar with Bonnard, Monet, Delacroix, Rafael, Bosch… I was dreaming in colors and contemplating the pretty printed patterns on our curtains and furniture. Something about those patterns was intriguing: the geometry, the symmetry, the repetition. I always had a dual inclination: I loved liberal arts, such as painting and literature, but I also enjoyed hard sciences like algebra, chemistry and geometry. Somehow, that interest in art later fused with the geometry element, hence the colorful patterns I am currently creating.

  • As a natural result, I went on to study fine arts at the National University of Arts “UNARTE” in Bucharest and later on I pursued pharmacy, at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. I consider myself a multidisciplinary, all-rounded character.
  • My formal art education brings out the sensibility for combining colors in all my designs and patterns. I prefer painterly over flat colors. I like oil, acrylic and watercolor texture and their painterly effects. I’d take Photoshop and Corel art brushes over flat Illustrator patterns anytime. Pulsating brushstrokes over flat airbrush. My patterns are a blend of childhood love of shapes and colors and educated brushstrokes. The children’s books that I illustrate are evoking that innocence and colorful emotion.

  I like to draw inspiration for my color schemes from the natural landscapes around me. Also, being a pharmacist, I truly enjoy giving people the power to know and act on their health choices. In that regard, choosing the colors that surround us is in itself a health choice. I talk more about the psychology of colors and how they influence our daily lives on my blog.

  I address myself to an audience that resonates with my upbringing. If you find yourself admiring and collecting art, going to museums, getting involved in chic home décor and fashion, then you are probably here for the same reason I love colorful art so much. You are a genuine art lover!

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