Scratching your head what holiday gifts to get for teenage girls?  Teenagers have a talent for not liking their gifts (psst: they secretly return a lot of them, too!)

Teens basically rule when it comes to the latest trends and culture. They also happen to be much more open to artsy stuff than anyone else. Their tastes are growing ever more sophisticated and it seems like no one can keep up with them. Excerpt maybe for… likeminded peeps, like artists!

That’s where my art creations come in to help.

I’ve partnered with a few rad art companies that print my artworks on oh-so-many items that I’ve lost count. And I’m sharing a specially curated collection that will definitely satisfy your picky teen girl’s tastes. They’ll be delighted!

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may be compensated for purchases made through some of the links in this page. They might get me a paintbrush once in a year. 

Girls LOVE lip gloss! One in every pocket, please. It’s a perfect giveaway for Christmas, birthdays and parties. 

These luxurious compact mirrors are one-of-a-kind accessories that fit perfectly in any purse. What can be more girly than an artsy mirror?

Girls can keep their favorite image, design, or words of inspiration close their heart with this beautiful, custom made, sterling silver plated necklace. Choose from a number of options like size, style, and color for the perfect accessory or a heartfelt present. The necklace arrives in a special black felt bag that is perfect for gifting.

Unique poems for self-discovery, love, femininity, written by award-winning poet Alexandra Vasiliu. Perfect for teenager girls who wish to read pure, uplifting words.

If reading good book is a great idea, how about cuddling up with a good book in the softest sherpa fleece throw blanket? Printed on one side, white on the other side, they feature really vivid colors. Printed, sewn and shipped by Society6. 
I got myself a blanket with a horse pattern designed by me as well and it quickly became my go-to blanket when doing my evening lazy-couch-TV-watching-while-painting-on-my-iPad. 

Yaasss to phone cases! Probably one of the most popular gift for a teenager. Make sure you know what phone model she has, before getting it. 

Ideal for the Christmas cold weather, these are awesome gifts with an artistic spin.

OK, leggings are popular. But capris are making a big comeback – they’re soo lightweight and frankly, so comfortable at the gym during any time of the year.
Printed and sewn by Art of Where in Canada – with fabric milled right there in Montreal – they are the best capris pants I have ever owned. I got the ones in the top left corner and I received so many compliments on them. OK, maybe I’m a little too excited about this subject, but I gotta’ add this: the fabric is quite special: sturdier than the normal leggings you find on the market, yet so breathable! And quite stretchy, bounces back easily… OK, ok, I’ll stop. 

A simple concept, a tote bag is a really fun accessory, embraced by a lot of teenagers. Holds a lot of stuff and looks fashionable. The printed colors come out very vivid.

Last, but not least, the backpacks are the most time-enduring, memorable gift you can give to a teen girl. Useful at school, in the city or hiking, these sturdy backpacks can hold a lot of books plus a laptop. One of my best-selling backpacks is the one on the bottom left corner, with the llamas and cacti pattern. 

 I have a lot of art prints with animals and patterns, especially cats, llamas & horses. If you have other favorite animals that you’d like to have printed, send me a message and I’ll gladly create a new design.

If you’re still looking for ideas for holiday gifts for teenage girls, I have another blog post about color-coordinated gifts (yes, with matching designs) where you can also get a free guide that will teach you how to match prints and patterns together.


About Andreea Dumez

About Andreea Dumez

Artist in-chief

Hi, I’m Andreea, a painter and surface pattern designer, helping people find their inner colors and decor ideas. I’m also a pharmacist (you couldn’t tell, right? 🙂 ), who truly enjoys giving people the power to know and act on their health choices. In that regard, choosing the colors that surround us is in itself a health choice. I talk more about the psychology of colors and how they influence our daily lives on my blog. Find more about me here.

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