Are you looking for a unique alphabet coloring book for your artsy project?

Tired of computer-generated, mass-produced drawings?


This hand-drawn alphabet coloring book will spark your imagination and get you coloring in no time.

“Andreea’s Alphabet Coloring Book”



Who is this coloring book for?

  • Elementary school teachers who want to teach their students the alphabet, through play time and creativity.
  • Kids aged 6 and older. This book has various levels of difficulty, from simple shaped animals to more intricate drawings and decorative letters. Depending on your child’s age and motor skills, she/he can have a great time, gradually going through all the levels.
  • The scrapbook lovers: print, color, then cut out the letters and use them in your favorite projects.
  • Anyone who likes coloring and mindfulness through art.


  Here’s what you’ll get:
26 pages of alphabet. All of them are hand-drawn, with organic botanical shapes and nature-inspired decorative details.
Each letter is accompanied by an animal with a name starting with the respective letter (English names).
Because the drawings have been created by hand, without computer enhancements, you will see more naturally-looking shapes, with irregular strokes and asymmetries. A more organic feel.

  I’m a big fan of hand lettering and cursive writing, but I also love painting and coloring. I brought all these together and created a relaxing coloring book, for adults and kids as well. Coloring and lettering improves your fine motor skills, it nurtures your attention and focus and it helps the aesthetics of your handwriting. Pure relaxation, no didactic pressure. Pick up your coloring pencils and go!

About Andreea Dumez

About Andreea Dumez

Artist in-chief

Hi, I’m Andreea, an illustrator and surface pattern designer, helping people find their inner colors and decor ideas. I’m also a pharmacist (you couldn’t tell, right? 🙂 ), who truly enjoys giving people the power to know and act on their health choices. In that regard, choosing the colors that surround us is in itself a health choice. I talk more about the psychology of colors and how they influence our daily lives on my blog. 

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