Images can speak a thousand words

Climate change art can bring hope
and inspire us to make a difference

I take a different approach to climate subjects.
Instead of showing you the gloomy side of global warming,
I invite you to reflect on the delicate balance that still exists.

Back when I was in the art college, I learned that the paintings or sculptures in medieval churches had a double purpose:

  1. the aesthetic, decorative function;
  2. giving a visual educational experience to anyone who entered the church.

A religious school through imagery, for those who could not read.

I take a step back and reflect on what the science of climate change means nowadays to the majority of us. Can we really read it and understand the graphs and the abstract reports that scientist are giving us? Or are we CLIMATE-ILLITERATE?

Most likely, we get something like: “yes, it’s bad, really bad, and it’s coming for us”, or, on the contrary, we find it hard to believe, it all looks like “a hoax”, because we don’t understand the complicated science behind it.

I see climate themed artworks as a visual inspiration and education. They bridge the gap between the rigid facts of science and the emotions and intuitions we have.

Art brings LITERACY and EMOTION into the world. It could be the tiny seed of mustard that will “move the mountains” into the good direction we all need today, to save our planet.

My artworks focus on the delicate balance we still have, and give us that glimmer of hope that we need to take action.

Most contemporary art creations that tackle the climate subject approach it from the dark, pessimistic and really scary angle. Kind of like entering the church through a narthex painted with scenes from the Last Judgement.

I give voice to the glints of harmony that still keep the balance of beauty in nature. My purpose is to raise awareness through inspiration, not fear. I focus on the full side of the glass and what we can do to keep it full and continue to fill the glass with things that prop up the harmony.

The most important aspect for me is the empathy towards nature. The seascapes, landscapes or wildlife scenes I draw will bring you closer to those intimate scenes of nature that show you both the beauty and the vulnerability, caught in the ever-present moments of global changes.

It’s an optimistic message that inspires us to love and protect the planet. 

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