Surreal Seacoast Snowstorm

Climate Change Art

***Surrealist art as an intriguing interior design piece

  When nature brings out its forces and the sky turns dark, it looks surreal. When climate is changing, the beauty of nature becomes a beast. A surrealist winter art, available for sale as art prints. An affordable wall art that explores the fine balance between normality and fantasy, between perceived beauty and the stormy reality of climate changes.

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Decorative and Surreal

Created as a mix of traditional media and digital collage, this artwork’s techniques reflects my creative journey. Most people think that artists’ ideas and inspiration come as a coherent, linear train of thoughts.The fact is, an artwork is a reflection of a lifetime of experiences, thoughts and ideas. Life is not linear, events many times happen randomly. Ideas come sometimes in a linear way, sometimes they just emerge, like surrealist dreams in our REM sleep stage. If you ask me “what inspired you to create this work?”, I would tell you that inspiration is a forced experience and that the real experience is the life we live and the dreams we dream. So my answer to this question would be a story:

  Here’s the Story of this Artwork

This January, me and my husband went on a vacation down to Florida. We got a well deserved break from the New England winter cold and absorbed as much sun as we could.

When we returned to our chilly Northern proximity, as we were driving home from the airport, we passed by one of our neighborhoods as the sun was just about to set. I looked over to this hill that I see so many times, but this time it looked different.

Eerie, gloomy, stormy, but beautiful. A dark beauty, contrasting in the most obvious way to my recent sunny beach experience. Sometimes, the encounters we go through make us see the world differently. The same hill that most of the times is just… the hill on that particular street… was now a different picture.

So we stopped and I snapped some photos. At home, I pulled the photographs and looked again. At night, I woke up and the images started emerging. The next day I painted this surreal wall art.

Aquatic life mingles into a totally unrelated winter art subject. Repeat patterns of tropical fish float in a surreal way, face to face with their enemies, the sea lions. This is a battle for survival, a metaphor about climate change and the opposing forces that pull our planet apart: the force of Nature and the oblivious force of humanity.

Winter Art Projects in Your Bedroom

Surreal winter art prints bring intriguing and unique elements into the home decor and bedroom design. This artwork is a conversation starter and a statement about climate change.

Framed wall art for bedrooms is available in my Fine Art America store with lots of options for affordable frames and mat colors. Choose a frame to suit your wall decor needs and match your tastes. In this post, you’ll find an EXAMPLE of how to match a FRAME into your home decor.

A Winter Art Project as a Tapestry

Tapestries are easy and fun ways to get creative in your home and make amazing art statements. Get affordable wall art that expresses your ideas and moods. 

Unique Wall Hangings

 Here’s an affordable wall art for bedroom, that looks really modern, is easy to maintain and move around and will create the accent you are looking for in your bedroom. 

Carry Your Art Statement in Your Pocket

Phone covers are not only utilitarian. They can become a piece of art that you can enjoy and show off with.

  A lot of my surrealist paintings are created with a dominant blue color palette. Blue is a soothing, dream-inducing color. I wrote a bit more about the hidden psychology of blue in THIS article. If you’re into decorating your home with blue hues, grab this FREE chart with colors that go with BLUE. 

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