Black Rhino Art Prints

It might be called “black rhinoceros”, but its skin is grey

Diceros bicornis, or the African Black Rhino, is a critically endangered animal and I would like to raise awareness about this issue, through art and visual reminders.

This powerful animal is a living fossil, one of the oldest mammals in existence on earth.

Poaching and habitat destruction have drastically reduced the numbers of this animal. Due to conservation efforts, the numbers are slowly rising, but there is a long way to recovery.

As with all other critically endangered species, a big problem they face when trying to go up from a small pool of survivors is inbreeding, because their numbers have been reduced so much that the genetic pool has drastically diminished. So even if we think: “Oh, OK, their numbers are going up”, their genetical ability to survive is at risk.

I know a lot of kids love rhinos because of their ancient, dinosaur-like looks. Take a moment to educate them about the importance of protecting nature, when you’ll bring into their room this art print.

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black rhino frmaed wall art by Andreea Dumez
Black rhinoceros canvas art print by Andreea Dumez


African Black Rhino - large luxury art print from iCanvas
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African rhinoceros framed art print by artist Andreea Dumez

Thank you for visiting my African black rhino art page. If you’d like to see another one of my animal drawings, illustrations or art prints, take a look at my Animal Art page. I have been drawing a lot of endangered species, and will continue to upload more of them, in an effort to increase awareness about protecting animals and their habitats.

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