Cat Art Prints for Feline Lovers

The cuteness of cats and the hilarious feline attitude

I grew up having a cat and I learned to read her feline whims and temperament. I enjoy drawing cats and catching their most characteristic poses and looks.

The funny faces they make when they’re watching something, their confident poses and glamorous walk, their laziness, their way of seducing you with their eyes, it all makes for great subjects in art and illustration. 

Here are some of my best-sellers and favorite kitty creations:

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orange tabby cat watching a fish tank, a comic illustration
A grey tabby cat looking a colorful butterflies - a nature inspired illustration
A picture of an art print of a black cat watching a fish tank
Art print of a black cat hanging on a wall


Canvas cat art print on a wall in the kitchen
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Society6 Cat art print hanging on a wall

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