Cute Red Panda Art

The red panda is a cute furry creature. And it’s not a bear, it’s more of a … weasel

The red panda is a Himalayan animal related to weasels, raccoons and skunks, with no relation to the giant Panda bears, but because of its similar face “mask”, it goes under a “panda” name.

I’m painting this pretty animal because I wanted to raise awareness about the fact that it is an endangered species. Climate change is pushing it into smaller habitable areas, higher up in the mountains, due to the rise in temperatures.

Art has the transformative power to create awareness, provoke dialogue and inspire action. I hope this little ball of cuteness will inspire you to read more about red pandas and spread the word. You can find out more about red pandas and how you can help, from WWF.

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Cute Red Panda - Nature Illustration
Mini art print with a red panda


Wall Hanging with a red panda art print

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