Ferret Art

Tongue-out day with the cutest ferret art print!

The Black-footed Ferret (Mustela nigripes) was one of my selected animal subjects for my 30-day endangered species drawing challenge.

Previously thought to be extinct, these cuties are one of the rarest mammals in the US. Throughout the 20’th century, they slowly disappeared due to loss of food sources and habitat, via human intervention (duh, what else is new?)

Whatever is left in the US is a result of captive breeding programs and slow reintroduction into the prairies.

My ferret art prints come with a double intention: to educate us about the needs of our environment, and to bring a bit of nature’s beauty into our homes.

You can read more about these furry cuties and do your part in protecting them, through numerous wildlife organizations. I chose to show you this one: WWF, because they have extensive programs and really good ways to engage people to help. I have no affiliation with them or any kind of interest. I simply love the way they present facts, through powerful imagery and simple stories.

Below, I’m displaying my Black-footed ferret art, and a few places where you can purchase my artwork.

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It might help me buy a new brush once in a year.

Black Footed Ferret Art Painting
Ferret Wall Tapestry above a couch
Ferret Framed Wall Art above a computer desk


Ferret Wall Tapestry Art
Ferret framed painting from Fine Art America
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