Horse Art – A Decorative Fantasy

The woodlands and the majestic images of horses always fascinated me.

 Growing up reading folk fairy tales from around the world, I found out that they appear quite often in many cultures.

 There is a sort of magic and mystery around the image of a horse in the forest, as both elements bear ancient symbolic meanings.

 We are attracted to this powerful depiction, and it is ingrained in our subconscious upbringing.

 A horse in a fantasy landscape, this nature-inspired painting was created combining watercolors and the creativeness of digital media.

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Horse Art depicting a brown horse walking in front of a blue forest
A blue fantastic horse trotting through the woods - fantasy art created in digital media
Framed wall art depicting a horse walking in the forest
Canvas giclee art print of a horse walking in the woods


iCanvas printed horse art by Andreea Dumez
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Mini Art Print with a horse in the forest
Framed Wall Art depicting a horse in the forest. Art printed by Fine Art America
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