The Lazy Jaguar – Animal Art

An art print of the biggest, baddest spotted cat: the Jaguar

I should call this artwork… “Fierce big cat in a moment of cuteness”. I see it hanging in a boy’s room (kids looove big cats, especially boys, but girls too!) 

Read along to learn how art can bring us awareness and nature education, so important for kids and adults as well. 

This is another one of my 30-days endangered species challenge, where I created an artwork per day celebrating an animal that is on the list of threatened or endangered species.

Cute and peaceful moment, this jaguar animal drawing is a celebration of nature’s infinite moments of awe and wonder, while raising the issue of vulnerability and our part in protecting it.

While jaguars can make subjects for beautiful big cat drawing, they really are some of the most fierce predators in the wildlife of Central and South America (the name jaguar means beast of prey). They have the strongest bite force of any big cats. They can eat caimans and anacondas.

Yet, jaguars are listed as Near Threatened, with big parts of their habitat being destroyed by humans, including in the Amazonian jungle.

This jaguar art print makes use of the space to fully display the beauty of the animal’s spots. They are different than the leopard spots.

Can you SPOT the difference between a leopard and a jaguar? It’s in the SPOTS (called rosettes). Jaguars have bigger rosettes with spots in the middle, while leopards have simple, smaller rosettes with no spots in the middle.

The jaguar wall art that I bring to you has a double role: a decorative, joyful artwork to look at in your home, and an educational, inspiring purpose, to raise awareness on our disappearing wildlife and why it needs to be protected.

World Wildlife (WWF) has inspiring and amazing information and means to help protect endangered species. By virtually adopting an animal or simply donating to them, these creatures can have a better future. I’m not affiliated with any organization, but I love donating and helping any time I can. Here’s a link to their page about the Jaguar.

Scroll down to find out places where you can get this cute jaguar cat drawing and discover the multitude of wall art options.


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Jaguar on a Branch Canvas Art Print
Jaguar animal drawing - framed art print over bed


Icanvas Jaguar art print by Andreea Dumez
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Society6 Jaguar art by Andreea Dumez

Thank you for visiting my jaguar art page. If you’d like to see another one of my big cat creations, have fun with my Amur tiger art.

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