Magical Turtle Saving the Planet

Thoughts on the regenerative power of the planet

***Art is my way of inspiring people to look at nature through a different lens

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Surrealist art with a turtle

Turtles are symbolic animals

For many, the turtle is a symbol of stability, longevity, patience, endurance. It is one of the animals that is most often portrayed in folk fables and stories as the determined one, the one that marches at a slow, but steady pace towards its goal. Hence, it’s also described as the wise one, that lives a long life.

My visual fable for you today is about a magical turtle that extracts its wisdom and regenerative powers from the earth, giving it back into the ecosystem where it lives. This turtle becomes a symbol of the cyclical processes of life, where everything transforms and regenerates – from inanimate to animate and then back to dust.

One of my passions is studying the artistic beauty of various minerals, rocks and fossils like ammonites. The textures and colors they render are unique and enchanting.

I used an ammonite that I collected, as a central decorative element on this turtle. I was initially inspired by an endangered species, the Blanding’s turtle. My intention is to create that sense of eternity, permanence, yet ever-changing quality of nature.

The ammonites are crystallized creatures that traveled through time all the way to us through millions of years. The spiral design that repeats into itself is a powerful symbol of eternal regeneration.

So, this mythical turtle, bearing the expression of fossilized eternity, is my way of expressing the unimaginably regenerative powers of nature, recycling and transforming every particle in the universe.

In that regard, my visual invitation is for you to reflect upon that recycling aspect and become more aware of our impact on the environment and how we can begin to reuse and recycle our by-products of human activity.

Framed art print of a surrealist turtle illustration

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