Pangolin Walking – Art Prints

I’m not an Armadillo! I’m a Pangolin


The Scaly Anteater (or Pangolin) is another one of my art subjects for my 30-day endangered species challenge. Yes, you most likely heard about this guy in the recent months, since the pandemic started, due to the theory about the COVID virus jumping from the bat to the pangolin and then to the human host.

Pangolins are among the most trafficked animals in the world. I wanted to raise awareness about this little animal and paint/pay a little homage to its unspoken resilience.

I created this Pangolin Walking artwork with the purpose of bringing its beautifully odd and scaly silhouette into a new light through art that we can hang in our homes and remind us to protect the planet.

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Pangolin Walking in the desert, wood wall art above a sofa
Pangolin walking canvas print on a wall


A wall mural depicting a pangolin painting

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