Rising Oceans

Surreal Climate Change Art

***boho chic wall art with a deep message

  An imaginary place where fish are flying and the oceans are rising. Not far from reality, as a matter of fact. With the climate changes around the globe, nature reshapes our environment. Coastal flooding and hurricanes bring more and more peril to our livable, habitable spaces. This artwork is part of a larger project about global warming, a project meant to raise awareness and remind us to protect the environment.

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In Contemplation of Nature

 BLUE is a calming, soothing color, ideal for bedrooms and places of meditation. Here, it is also an invitation into a surreal world, that challenges you to meditate on the fragility of our Nature. 

Boho Chic Decorative Wall Art

  A narrow, rustic natural wood border is sometimes all you need for an artwork. Wood enhances the look of bold colors.
  For a Scandinavian look, like in this photo, experiment with a gray wash or vintage silver frame.
All these frame options, and MUCH MORE, are available at my FineArtAmerica store, plus a ton of matching mats, in different sizes and paper textures. Check them out.

Artsy Credenzas

Match a decorative artwork with a boho chic room, for a very modern home decor. Bohemian furniture and wall art go hand in hand with climate and environment art. 

Boho Chic Pillows

Match a surreal, bohemian wall art print with a colorful, decorative accent on your sofa or bed. Printed pillows are a great way to enhance the style of your interior decor. 

Weekender Tote Bag

If climate change motivates you to be a better human, then wear your intentions on your shoulder every time you hit the beach! 🙂

  A lot of my surrealist paintings are created with a dominant blue color palette. Blue is a soothing, dream-inducing color. I wrote a bit more about the hidden psychology of blue in THIS article. If you’re into decorating your home with blue hues, grab this FREE chart with colors that go with BLUE. 

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