Saola Art

Also nicknamed the “Asian Unicorn” – this elegant antelope makes a great subject for art prints and is a symbol of critically endangered animals

Try to spell this: Pseudoryx nghetinhensis.
Or Siola.
Or the Asian Unicorn.

Saola is one of the rarest animals on the planet (and most likely you have not heard of it. If you have, congratulations, you are awesome!)

Saolas live only in the Annamite Mountains, along the border of Vietnam and Laos. There are probably only around 100 of them left, because of deforestation and local hunting. The name “saola” means “spindle horns” in Vietnamese.

It was discovered in 1992 (can you imagine nobody knew about this animal until then?) It looks like and antelope but is more related to cattle.

Its silhouette reminds me of the primitive cave paintings and I tried to emulate that effect when painting it.

This elusive animal is very solitary, hence the difficulty finding it.

If you decide to decorate your home with art prints of a Saola or any other endangered species, my artwork will be a visual reminder to inspire you to protect our planet and help these animals in any way you can.


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Saola animal - framed wall art
Saola canvas art in a mid-century decor room


Saola animal art on iCanvas
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Saola animal - framed art print from Society6

Thank you for visiting my saola art page. If you’d like to see another one of my animal drawings, illustrations or art prints, take a look at my Animal Art page.

If you want to donate or help this endangered species, here is a good website to start (no affiliation with them): https://www.savethesaola.org/what-is-a-saola/

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