Siberian Tiger Art

The Amur Tiger (or Siberian Tiger – Panthera tigris tigris) is one of the biggest cats in the world

And it is an endangered species. Fewer than 500 Amur tigers remain in the wild, in the far East regions of Russia.

The Siberian tigers are a bit bigger than the Bengal tigers and have a thicker coat of fur to protect them in the winter.

The biggest threat for this big feline is poaching… Another problem is the reduction in their habitat, due to deforestation and climate change. Tigers require very vast areas, as they need an average of 170 sq. miles of habitat.

My artwork is aiming to create awareness around the needs of our vulnerable planet. Little things that we do towards protecting our planet can have a huge impact on our planet’s biodiversity.

I know a lot of you love adorning their homes with tiger wall art, as paintings, prints, posters, etc. Tiger tattoos are so popular, too, because this magnificent animal is such a symbolic display of power, dominance, energy, but it’s also… very decorative!

And it’s valid for all the big cat prints: tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars. The pattern industry is booming with big cat prints. Heck, even as I’m writing this at my desk, I am wearing a “khaki safari” fleece robe, so imagine this: the collar has a cheetah print.

Anyway, my point is: next time you get a fine art print with a beautiful big cat, use that art display as a reminder for you to help these creatures and the planet we live on. Art is a visual inspiration to become more eco-conscious.

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Amur Tiger in the Snow, Framed Art Print
Mini art print with Siberian Tiger


Siberian Tiger Canvas Art Print
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Framed Art print with a tiger running in the snow
Luxury art print with Siberian Tiger running in the snow
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Thank you for visiting my tiger art page. If you’d like to see another one of my big cat creations, have fun with my Amur leopard art.

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