Solar Seals

A Midsummer Night’s Surreal Dream

***and how to create visual interest in your home decor

  Finding unique living room wall art nowadays takes quite some time. Once you find something you like, your next issue will most likely be: “will this match my home decor?”
Here are a few tips and tricks for creating visual interest and matching your art to your living room, office, bathroom or any other place in your home decor. I will use my own artwork as a featured example.

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Surrealist Climate Change Art

Before I go into how to’s, let me make a short digression and explain what Solar Seals stands for.

Climate change is now more pressing than ever. This artwork speaks through visual metaphors about the sur-reality of our present time. Nature is upside down.

Dreamlike worlds are emerging from a hot solar disk, splashing out molten slivers of gold and… innocent creatures. The birth of a surreal climate change new world. Apparently beautiful, just like the oblivion we humans live in.

This unusual wall art is a statement about our disconnect from nature and the consequences we are trying to evade. This artwork is meant as an eye opener, a living room statement art that provides us a reminder about our duty to Mother Earth. Solar, powerful colors that will create a strong visual interest in any room.

How to Create Visual Interest in Your Living Room

Here are some hints at how objects attract the eye in a room:

  • through SIZE (a large artwork in a living room)
  • through COLORS (contrasting or strong colors)
  • POSITION in the room (placed centrally on a wall)
  • FRAMING (the frame is a gate into another world, as I discussed in THIS article)

Take this artwork, for example.
The strong yellows make the image “jump” at you. (warm colors like yellow, orange and red will always come towards the viewer, while cool colors like blue will be receding. Read THIS article about YELLOW, to get more insights and tricks about the psychology of yellow).

The two seals are also coming towards you, they emerge from the center of the artwork. That creates a visual movement that grabs your attention and creates a focal point.

The artwork is large enough and placed visibly, with no other artwork hanging next to it on the wall.

The frame marks off the artwork and brings it forward. In addition, the rusty gold and copper tones of the frame match the yellows of the painting.

Also, if you want to create a coherent living room decor, sprinkle similar colors in the room. For example, here, the yellow chair reiterates the yellow hues in the artwork. Coherence means harmony. 
On the other hand, imagine the armchair as blue or gray. It will make the yellow be a singular color in the room, and it will pop even more, giving it even more visibility. Contrast creates a statement.

Check out tons of frame options on this wall art, with my Fine Art America partner.

Mini Art Prints for Your Office

In contrast with a large artwork for a living room, mini art prints are a very easy and affordable way to decorate a small space, like a desk, an office wall, or an intimate corner of your room.

Dreamlike Showers

Add a SPLASH of art into your bathroom, with a colorful shower curtain. Create a focal point of color. 

Kitchen Decor and Useful Tool

Kitchen decor can also be utilitarian. Use the reverse side for cutting, and hang it on the printed side as an artsy statement. 

  A lot of my surrealist paintings are created with a dominant blue color palette. Blue is a soothing, dream-inducing color. I wrote a bit more about the hidden psychology of blue in THIS article. If you’re into decorating your home with blue hues, grab this FREE chart with colors that go with BLUE. 

  If you want to read about YELLOW and the psychology of yellow in art and decor, then read THIS ARTICLE. 

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