Sumatran Orangutan Art

Here’s a seriously red-haired ape

“If I dye my hair red and put on more makeup, do you think people will notice me?”
Kind of what I was thinking when I painted this pretty girl. She kind of looks like a rock-star, doesn’t she?

These pretty apes only live in the northern rainforests of the Sumatran island and are critically endangered, due to deforestation, loss of habitat and illegal trafficking.

This artwork is one of my 30-day challenge drawings of endangered species, as a part of my plan to raise awareness about the peril of our biodiversity.

While studying these animals, I learned so many new and fascinating things about wildlife. For example, orangutans are really smart animals: they have been observed using tools, like sticks to dig holes for termites and to get honey out of bees nests. They will collect several tools if they like them, creating a “toolbox”.

The biggest threat to their existence is the deforestation, both for logging and for conversion into palm plantations. Sometimes the forest will be intentionally set on fire to create more land for palm trees…

Palm oil is the most used oil in the food industry and it is virtually impossible to avoid it completely. So I try to look only for products that contain palm oil from sustainable sources. As much as I can. Here are some interesting facts about palm oil, from WWF.

Enjoy my orangutan art prints celebrating the beauty of this girl. She’s available as framed art prints, canvas prints, tapestries, wood wall art and much more, from my online partners, Society6 and iCanvas.

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Orangutan portrait - framed art print
Small art print with a red haired Orangutan portrait


Orangutan Portrait - wall tapestry from Society6
Canvas print of a Bornean Orangutan portrait
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