The Sea Lion’s Dream

Surreal Climate Change Art

***and why climate change art is the next big wave

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Global Warming Meets Surrealist Art

  A hungry sea lion. Unreachable celestial food. A beautiful surreal image with a deeper, alarming message. As pollution is changing our oceans, more and more creatures see their habitats disappear and their food sources shrink.

  This artwork explores the dichotomy between how we perceive nature (beautiful, harmonious) and the damage we bring about through climate change. It is part of a larger series of works that address global warming, through surreal imagery and dreamlike seascapes and landscapes, suggesting the disconnect between humanity and nature.

An Image Speaks A Thousand Words

  Climate change art reflects our contemporary planetary state of being. In my opinion, it is the next big wave of artistic expression and one that will stay with us for a long time.

  Surrealism emerged during a time of war, at the beginning of the last century, as a revolutionary vision against the exceedingly rational and rigid thinking of the time. André Breton defined Surrealism as, “Thought expressed in the absence of any control exerted by reason, and outside all moral and aesthetic considerations.”

  Surrealist climate change art is my way of sending out a message about a silent, powerful and unstoppable shift in our world, due to global warming. Automatic drawing, repeat decorative patterns, watercolor and alcohol inks emerged by chance are just a few of the Surrealist techniques I employ in my creations, to emphasize the irrational and unnatural turnover in our surroundings.

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