“THROUGH THE HEART’S EYES” – cover illustrations from a collection of poems for someone special

Cover and design for the love poetry book “Through the Heart’s Eyes”, by Alexandra Vasiliu.

  The book is currently under work for a new edition. Here is the evolution of the book cover, with the latest cover on top. Scrolling down, discover the previous book cover and the different illustrations I created for it.

Cover for the love poems book "Through the Heart's Eyes" by Alexandra Vasiliu

  Below is the old book cover. And while this colorful artwork inspired me to also create the interior illustrations, we decided that a minimalist look for the cover will align the book with our intentions and our audience.

Old cover for the love poetry book "Through the Heart's Eyes" by Alexandra Vasiliu

  This surrealist heart illustration came as an idea while walking in the woods on a sunny autumn day.

Surrealist illustration depicting a heart made out of leaves and branches with hidden eyes.
Surrealist illustration for the book cover of "Through the Heart's Eyes", depicting a heart in the sky
Surrealist illustration for the old cover of the love poetry book "Through the Heart's Eyes"

  This poetry book is different than any other poetry book you’ve been reading. You might ask why. The reason is the unique combination of the creative powers of two artists: a poet and a painter.

  The poet wrote a collection of poems that send a tender, warm and positive message about couple love, while I drew the metaphors and painted the colors that I read through every line. I imagined a synesthesia of word and sight on every page, like a dance of fulfilled love in the multicolored tones of happiness.

  This is a collection of poems for someone special, poems about life and love and happiness. Since this page is part of my portfolio, where I mainly focus on showcasing images of my artworks and illustrations, I will keep this page short on words.

  But if you are curious to learn more about the creation of this book, the concept behind it and our core beliefs about a poem’s message, head over to this blog post.

Title page for the love poetry book "Through the Heart's Eyes"

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