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    The other day, I was looking to buy a gift for a friend of mine, who happens to be somebody with a more sophisticated taste. As I walked through this long, glitzy mall, desperation was starting to loom over me. A shirt?… Nah… I’ve seen it before. A scarf? Yeah,...

Why I Like Yellow

  When I look at yellow flowers, I get more mental clarity. When I wear a yellow shirt, I feel empowered. In the summer, I like to wear bright colors. What's your relationship with yellow? Discover psychological tricks to use yellow to your advantage, in your...

How to Boost Your Mood with Red Colors

Red! The first color of the rainbow. Red as in fury! Red as in... the STOP sign! Or red as... a rooster's comb. If you are looking to boost your mood today, you might just need an invigorating color. Red can improve your home appearance. Red accents on your clothes...

How to Artfully Use Your Pencil

How do you hold a pencil? Sounds trivial, right? But artists have more than one way of holding a pencil. Today, I'll tell you a bit about that. And I'll also show you how to scribble some strokes. All while paying attention only to your paper. Not to your phone, not...

Color as a Therapy

  Much has been written already about why we like coloring books. There are numerous articles and studies on how coloring influences our brains, how this is a method of practicing mindfulness and so on. There is a big trend now with adult coloring books. You see them...

My Favorite Coloring Pencils

 I was an anti-pencils person. It was all about fluid media, like oils, acrylics, watercolors.  I tried watercolor pencils. They are alright, but the tones seemed very faded. And adding water didn't seem to activate the colors. On the contrary, it just washed them off...

What do Children’s Books and Drawing on Walls Have in Common

If any of you ever wondered how someone starts having a taste for art and drawing, here’s a story for you: I have some vague memories of me splurging into a big box of colored pencils, and then a not-so-happy mother trying to clean up a wall that I had been...

Smile with My Animal Friends

The children's book "Smile with My Animal Friends" is out! Yay! The book is part of a larger series called the Friendship Series. This first book invites children into the funny world of animals, with short poems that peek into the daily preoccupations of different...

Through the Heart’s Eyes

Putting poetry into images is mind-motivating and challenging. My recently illustrated love poetry book, “Through the Heart’s Eyes”, is published and available both as print and kindle version. I had a lot of fun creating and designing it. The author, Alexandra...

Once upon a time….

“Once upon a time there lived king, more powerful than all the other kings in the world.” This is the beginning of a beautiful children’s story written by Alexandra Vasiliu, for which I proudly created the illustrations. It is called “The Story of The King of Time”...

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my new Blog!

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