Teal wall art and turquoise colors elevate your mood and create a sophisticated home decor look

So… all these colors, teal, turquoise, aquamarine… kind of gravitate around the same spectrum: a bit of blue, a bit of green, a pinch of yellow. The result is this phenomenal color that resembles a fresh breath of ocean air but also the youth of exotic greenery.

A temperamentally oceanic hue, this gemstone-name of a color, turquoise, combines both the calmness of blue and the energy of green. It evokes serenity, calmness, mental clarity.

I personally like turquoise as jewelry, to accent my outfits, but also as a color addition to wall art, in balanced amounts, where it sparks just like a precious stone.

I do not like flat, large surfaces of this color, like one-shade painted walls, especially if it is a very cold and vivid version of teal, like cyan.

But I love turquoise the way it natively presents itself in its mineral state: variable pastel shades and tints of blue-greens, creating infinite painterly shifts. I used colorful inks and watercolors to evoke that richness in my artworks, too.

Disclaimer: All artwork is mine and I intend to brag about it. You’ve been warned.
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It might help me buy a new brush once in a year.

Here are a few ideas to create beautiful turquoise accents in your home, while being practical about your decor

1. Cover a bad wall that needs repairs with a tapestry inspired by the Galapagos marine wildlife – the turquoise ocean accent and the interesting animal art will make it a focal point in the room.

Here’s a corner of my home studio, where I spend much of my creative time. What you don’t know is the little secret hiding behind this tapestry…

Society6 Wall tapestry by Andreea Dumez, depicting a marine iguana on the seashore

I added a picture of the “before” situation of the wall. I’m in the middle of insulating my home (after almost a year of delays due to pandemic) and the team delivered me a piece of news I didn’t expect: because the exterior of the home is covered in an old-fashioned kind of siding made of wood that is hard to temporarily remove without destroying it, they must cut open my interior walls in order to blow in the insulation. So here’s what I was left with afterwards, with the plan to re-paint the entire home, yaaaay…. (insert a smile with lots of teeth).

Bad wall

Not to add more insult to the wall, I considered using some tape hanging strips for the tapestry, and it stays in place perfectly.

Picture hanging strips

2. White frames go splendidly with teal wall art, especially nautical themes, like this whale shark art print from Society6. 

White frame wall art print with a whale shark artwork by Andreea Dumez

3. Teal canvas wall art gives a fresh look to a kitchen corner. How about a cute marine animal artwork like this dugong?

Turquoise wall art printed on canvas, depicting a dugong swimming in light teal-blue waters

4. A neatly stretched canvas print of two otters holding hands can create a sweet spot in your home. 

Turquoise animal art printed on canvas, depicting two otters holding hands and swimming in emerald waters

5. How about some green wall art over an exotic monstera wallpaper? Here’s my art print of a Hawksbill Turtle swimming in the azure tropical ocean.

Green wall art by Andreea Dumez, depicting a Hawksbill Turtle Swimming in turquoise water

6. Create intimate corners of cuteness around your home, with mini art prints, like this turquoise infused print of an Alaskan seal in banana pose. 

Aqua mini art print depicting a sea life scene with a cute seal sitting on a rock

7. What about some serious aqua wall art, with a super-affordable poster print from my Fine Art America store?

Turquoise art poster over a bedroom wall,  depicting an exotic fish swimming in green-blue waters

8. Cheer up with metal art prints that will stun you with their vivid colors. 

Teal Wall Art with a metal art print of a Vaquita Porpoise sea life scene

9. If you’re looking for a rustic, coastal decor, this is my surreal whale artwork, with deep green and turquoise colors. 

Aqua wall art depicting a whale swimming in a turquoise ocean

10. An office definitely needs to be uplifting and inspiring. Combine the comforting turquoise of the Ibis bird art print with a bold red frame, and you’ll get a unique chinoiserie to complement a mid-century decor.

Office scene with red framed wall art depicting a crested ibis bird

Shop My Picks for Turquoise Wall Art:

Marine Iguana on the Seashore, tapestry by Andreea Dumez

Marine Iguana on the Seashore – Galapagos Endangered Animal Tapestry by Andreea Dumez

Hawksbill Turtle Framed Wall Art by Andreea Dumez

Precious Hawksbill Turtle Swimming in Emerald Waters Framed Art Print by Andreea Dumez

Whale shark in turquoise waters - white frame wall art

Whale Shark Swimming in the Emerald Ocean Framed Art Print by Andreea Dumez

Cute Seal in Banana Pose framed mini art print by Andreea Dumez

Cute Alaskan Iliamna Seal in Banana Pose Framed Mini Art Print by Andreea Dumez

Blue Whale in the Ocean - Framed Wall Art by Andreea Dumez

Blue Whale Song in the Emerald Ocean Framed Art Print by Andreea Dumez

Cute dugong swimming underwater - canvas print by Andreea Dumez

Cute Dugong Swimming Underwater Canvas Print by Andreea Dumez

Humphead Wrasse Fish Poster Artwork by Andreea Dumez

Humphead Wrasse Colorful Fish Swimming in Emerald Ocean Poster by Andreea Dumez

Crested Ibis Art print by Andreea Dumez

Crested Ibis – Splendid Japanese Tall Bird Framed Art Print by Andreea Dumez

Otters Holding Paws Canvas print

Otters Holding Paws Floating in Emerald Waters Canvas Print by Andreea Dumez

Vaquita Porpoise Swimming in the Ocean - Metal print by Andreea Dumez

Vaquita Porpoise Swimming in Emerald Waters Metal Print by Andreea Dumez

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