Why I Like Yellow

When I look at yellow flowers, I get more mental clarity. When I wear a yellow shirt, I feel empowered. In the summer, I like to wear bright colors. What’s your relationship with yellow?

Discover psychological tricks to use yellow to your advantage, in your creations, your outfits or decor projects.

Each color has a special effect on our minds. And each of us reacts in a different way to colors. But there are some general common reactions that we get from yellow.

  •  Yellow is the color of light, the sun in the middle of the sky. When you go outside and bask in the sunlight, you feel happy, energetic. So you think of yellow as the symbol of warmth, energy, joy.
  •  If you stay too much in the sunlight, though, you’ll get overheated, exhausted, cranky, even aggressive (not to mention the sunburns). So, too much yellow can get you in a very agitated place. In fact, babies are more prone to cry if you surround them with too much yellow (just sayin’…). Also, think of yellow sports cars and how aggressive they look.
  • Ever tried to look into the sun? No, don’t do it, just kidding. Kinda’ similar thing goes on when you’re looking for too long at a yellow screen. Your eyes will get tired and you’ll start seeing violet sparks around you.
  • Conclusion: be cautious with the amount of yellow. Too much can be overwhelming.
  • But gold is yellow. Precious. Special. A little bit of yellow goes a long way…
  • Yellow is the brightest hue of the spectrum. Anywhere you put it, it will brighten the place. Place it next to black, it will spark even more. That’s why gold jewelry looks so good over a black garment.
  • Yellow is the symbol of intellect, knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment. The golden aura of saints signifies the transfiguration, the connection with the beyond, the miraculous.
  • Yellow is enthusiastic, full of life, optimistic. If you are an extrovert, yellow will look good on you. If you are looking to become a better communicator, try wearing yellow. It encourages you, gives you self-esteem and mental clarity.
  • Yellow is excitatory and grabs your attention. In marketing, it is used for its optimism and youthfulness, to inspire and attract you.
  • Yellow on your walls is warming up the room. Bring summer into your house with some yellow walls or yellow accents. Also, summer outfits have more yellow.

But yellow is not all the same. Here are a few types of yellow, with some possible meanings and uses.

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Author: Andreea Dumez

Author: Andreea Dumez

Artist in-chief

Andreea Dumez is an illustrator and surface pattern designer, helping people find their inner colors and decor ideas.

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