Moonlight Mirage

Sea Lions Playing with the Moon

***surrealist art with a climate change message

  Surrealist art exploring the boundaries between the dream state and the physical reality. While our ocean levels rise as a result of climate change, nature suffers transformations that create surreal images. Earth, sky and water transition to a state of flow. Food sources are shrinking, and hunger gives rise to a moonlight mirage.

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Moonlight in Your Home

  Decorate your home with climate inspired art and make a statement about protecting our Mother Earth.

Classic Gold Frames

  Fine Art America has a vast selection of frames and mats and the print quality is outstanding. I particularly like how this gold frame stands against a neutral background, enhancing the artwork’s cool tones.

Small Art Prints

Small canvas prints are immediate eye-catchers on a desk or in a small corner, giving off a sense of intimacy and familiarity. Canvas is the timeless artists’ choice for an exquisite look.

Go Large, Go Bold

On the other end of the spectrum, discover large murals that absolutely change the appearance of a room. 

Artsy Tote Bags

Proudly wear your art with you and assert your love for nature and environment. 

  A lot of my surrealist paintings are created with a dominant blue color palette. Blue is a soothing, dream-inducing color. I wrote a bit more about the hidden psychology of blue in THIS article. If you’re into decorating your home with blue hues, grab this FREE chart with colors that go with BLUE. 

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