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Putting poetry into images is mind-motivating and challenging. My recently illustrated love poetry book, “Through the Heart’s Eyes”, is published and available both as print and kindle version. I had a lot of fun creating and designing it. The author, Alexandra Vasiliu, worked closely with me on all aspects of the book. Together, we hope to enchant our readers with a colorful, optimistic collection of poems for the dreamers in all of us.

Here are a few pages from the book, along with some of the poems:

If you want to try a sample of free love poems from Alexandra, here’s a link where you can get them from:


Alexandra also wrote another love poetry book, called Hand in Hand. You can read more about these books and follow Alexandra’s blog here.

Check out my facebook posts also, for updates and new works.

I’m currently finishing up the design on a really funny children’s book, called Smile With my Animal Friends.

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